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The company specializes in high-performance self-adhesive cast PVC, polyurethane and latex films and offers highly innovative solutions for professionals of digital printing, signage, visual communication, vehicle wrapping and textile marking.

The applications for these products are billboards, the decoration of premises and objects, signage, light boxes, markings for vehicles (cars, trains, trams, boats, planes,…), objects and textiles, lamination, etc.

Today, the market for adhesive films is diversifying rapidly. Customisation and made-to-measure tasks for our highly technical films are increasingly common. New markets are emerging, with the use of adhesive film in design, decoration and both interior and exterior design.

For several years now, HEXIS has marketed an entire range of products for industrial projects.
We also market adhesive films, to both replace paint and protect surfaces on high-speed train carriages, regional trains and trams in both France and abroad. Similarly, the wagons of the Paris and London undergrounds are covered by HEXIS, making it possible to combine both aesthetic coherence and protection against degradation.